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The next generation
of extendable hoses

Springy, the next generation
of extendable hoses

Springy is the latest-generation of extendable hose, capable of reaching three times its original length. The evolution of elastomer polymer technology means Springy can stretch out and shrink back up quickly as the water passes through it, offering a resistance to wear never seen before!

3 x longer!
Reach any spot

Springy’s magic comes back time and time again, just turn on the tap and watch Springy grow by 300%! Then, pull gently to reach any spot.
When you turn the tap off, Springy shrinks back up, making it practical to rewind and compact to store.

Unique features
for a unique hose

Springy is the result of extensive research taking elastomer polymer technology to new heights. The Springy’s ability to stretch out is protected by an alveolar structure, to guarantee durability. The ergonomic form of the spray nozzle and the elegant wall support have been designed to offer maximum comfort.

multipurpose 6-jet
spray nozzle
quick connectors
alveolar structure
for great
resistance to wear
and algae-resistant

Multipurpose spray nozzle:
6 different jets for infinite uses

Twist Springy’s spray nozzle for a vaporised jet to water even your most delicate plants, or go for a concentrated jet to wash your car or paving. With Springy you can choose from six different jets. You won’t be able to do without it, at home and on holiday!

home and garden
balconies and terraces
washing the car

See me in action!

Nothing more to add!
Everything you need is in the kit

You will find all of the accessories in the Springy kit: a tap connector, a multipurpose spray nozzle with a connector, and a practical wall support – all with a great design, to make Springy easy to wind up tidily. Open up the box and unwind your way to water magic!